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Anaheim, CA 92806

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              Specializing in PCB Thermal Applications               

                                      Precision CNC EDM Services




     E.D.M. and Tooling:

          QTA has full in-house tool and

     die support capabilities. The

     Conventional and Wire Electrical     

     Discharge Machines produce

     precision tools, dies and parts

     that require tight tolerances.


     CNC Machining:

          For lower volume work, QTA has CNC

     routers that provide close tolerance parts

     to comply with rapid delivery requirements.


          The punch presses at QTA offer a low-

     cost yet high quality alternative for volume




     Custom Die Design:

          QTA also designs, manufac-

     tures, and maintains miniature

     progressive punch presses for

     tight tolerance Solar Cell Stamping.




          QTA offers superior bonding of heatsink

     to printed circuit boards by combining the

     customer-specified adhesive with our own

     unique vacuum laminations. This union of

     dissimilar materials is accomplished with-

     out the problems that have often plagued

     the process.