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Company Profile





1262 N. La Loma Circle

Anaheim, CA 92806

Tel: (714) 563-2011

Fax: (714) 563-2015


              Specializing in PCB Thermal Applications               

                                      Precision CNC EDM Services

          QTA, established in 1984, is a full-service company specializing in

     printed circuit board heatsink manufacturing and lamination. The firm's

     specialty is working with military prime contractors, in compliance with


          QTA owes much of its success and continuing growth to meeting

     committed delivery dates and supplying products that exceed customers'

     quality requirements.

          QTA has met many challenges throughout its history unique to heat-sink

     manufacturing and lamination. As a result, the firm has the special knowledge

     needed in dealing with metal stress, bonding, and plating allowances.

          QTA uses a  proprietary bonding process that combines precisely controlled

     pressures and tempuratures to produce reliable and repeatable results.

     This process ensures that complete assemblies are free of warps, excessive

     bleeding, delaminations, and shorts.

          QTA is committed to continually updating its production processes along

     with the changes in technology. The firm will always provide its customers

     with the finest products and services available.